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Over the past 3 years we've had a ton of clients ask us whether we buy gold & silver items. They hated going to pawn shops or those cash for gold places to sell their unwanted items becauce of the bad service....and they always left with the feeling they got ripped off. They wanted a place without high pressure negotiation tactics and low-ball offers, a place where you can rest easy knowing you sold for top dollar.
That's why we decided we had to start this service for our customers. Trade in your unwanted or broken pieces of gold and silver for cash or a store credit at the Emporium.
Why Sell at the Emporium.

We will pay higher than any place in town for your gold and silver. This is isn't our whole reason for being like those cash for gold stores. We are a furniture, home accessories, and jewelry store first. We want to provide a comfortable atmosphere where you can shop while your pieces are evaluated. A place where you leave happy with the experience knowing you received top dollar.
At pawn shops and cash for gold stores your items are evaluated strictly on their metal content or scrap value. 100% of the time your unique piece of jewelry will be melted down for its metal. Many times your piece is worth more than its melt value because of the artistic and unique qualities of the design. At the Emporium, we can evaluate your piece based on these characteristics and pay a higher price than cash for gold stores because we know one of our collectors will enjoy your pieces qualities. And if you aren't happy with what we can pay for your item, you can place it on consignment in our shop.

What we buy...

We will buy most anything with gold and silver content...rings, necklaces, chains, earrings, watches, candlesticks, silver flatware, teasets, trays, and more

Why Sell Now...

Gold and Silver are near all-time highs...cash in now before prices drop. Stop in today for your free, no pressure evaluation of your gold and silver items.

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